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Heavy snow fall sticks to the ground in northern Minnesota - 10/28/2015

Several inches of snow fell across northern Minnesota in Cass County. Unlike in southern Minnesota, the snow in northern Minnesota is staying around and is not melting on contact with the ground.

The last clips of the snow plows were shot near Fort Ripley, MN and not in Cass County.

Youtube Creator Conference Recap.

Wow, all I can say again is WOW, what a weekend at the Youtube Creator Conference in Chicago with Brandon Ivey this weekend.  This was a special event put on by Youtube for a small select group of up and coming channels to help their creators grow a lot bigger.

This conference blew away a lot of the other ones that I have gone to for just the amount of information that it provided about the inner workings of Youtube.

Storm Chasing Video Blog - Behind the chase video - Lightning - Vol 1

Here is something new that we are starting up with  Were starting up a new video blog talking about our videos and we discuss more of what happened in them.  The first one is from last week's lightning video from Saint Cloud, MN and the "Phantom Bolt" that showed up.