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busy night

BNVN stringer Brandon Ivey shot a video last night for us that is so sweet that I just spent the last 6 hours dealing with all the networks. And the phone is still ringing. This is some of the best tornado footage of the year.

chase on, er, sitting in the middle of a field is on...

Well, it is not a bust since I woke up this morning to the sounds of the weather alarms going off and busted out west. Right now I'm sitting on the MN and South Dakota boarder area in the Tornado Watch and just waiting to see if this is worth hanging around for. But I was able to come out and shoot some stock footage for another project that I'm working on of some stuff in Western MN so it is not a total bust.

Encore and a fresh pot of coffee

Well, the coffee is brewing and the Adobe Encore is loaded on the computer and now I have to figure out how to use it.
The DVD project is done for the most part. The editing is done and I just need to work on the credits, dvd layout, paperwork and graphics.
So since the new DVD project is so huge that it has to go on a dual layer DVD and I needed to get my hands on Adobe Encore to be able to work with the massive thing on one disk. Otherwise it would be a 2 disk format.
As for the project reviews. This is what is been said so far.

busy busy busy but all good fun

Ok, I managed to get everything done with the DVD project and now it is just encoding for the demo for the distro folks to proof.
I got that done while busting my ass to get the other stuff done. Today was a good day. We were busy with a ton of new video coming in.
Brian nailed the squall line in Florida and even got video of a boat sinking in Sarasota, FL while Bill was in North Carolina in the outer banks shooting a couple packages for BNVN that was on CNN and TWC.

well that was exciting

I was out shooting for some rushed weather video for TWC and shooting some snow video in a pinch to get to them for the evening show.

Well, I'm up late working with Scotty on the Wisconsin weather video that he is out shooting for the Cantore crew. Their live crew is in Milwaukee but it's not snowing there. So Scott is in Madison shooting snow video for them so they can say "See, It's Coming This Way..."
Anyways, I'm up working on the audio balance to wrap up the project and put it to bed.