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project rolling fast now

Now that the little detail items such as graphics and images are wrapped up and the script is laid down in a rough draft, the new project is rolling along fast.
I can't wait to get this thing knocked out and done because when it is done, I just got my passport and I'm thinking Scuba Dive Mexico or Central America so my ass can relax where nobody can find me for a few weeks.

grrrrrr scripting sucks balls

I just wanted to take this moment to say Script Writing Sucks, but it is still kind of fun. Working on the new project and just reviewing stuff for the script and having to watch and re watch and re review stuff is just annoying.
Not that the end result wont kick ass, it is all the little details to get into place to make it kick ass that kicks your ass. It's a learning experience.

Another Fn Hard Drive...

I bought another Fn Hard Drive tonight, er, um, last night. I did not feel comfortable having the project on several drives so I edited down the best cuts and put them on a monster sized 500Gig drive.
Transferring over 400 Gigs of video is taking some time but it will be worth it. I also got most of the scripting outline done. I do have to go through the time line again this morning and right up a ton more stuff but from conception to rough draft this is coming along really fast compared to some projects I have done.

Going away for a while to work...

Just an FYI, I'll be locking myself in at home for the next week to work on another new project that was just put in my lap. I have 10 days to pull off a video editing job that should take a month or more.
So, I'm going to be forwarding everything off to Dan and Bill to take care of for BNVN stuff and let my agents at Conus deal with the stock stuff so I can focus on this project. When it is done, oh man, this is going to kick ass!!!

What is a chase?

I have been looking over the net tonight at a lot of different video and still images of the recent ice storms in the Midwest, south and out in the Pacific NW. There is some cool stuff but I have to laugh at people that say they chased the ice storm when all they did was go out after the storm and document the aftermath.

Temp inside vs temp outside...

Just working with all the computers encoding video tonight on the latest project and the office is hot.
Between the 2 desktops with the 600w power supplies and the laptop with a total of 20 internal and external hard drives spinning, my office is heating up even with the window open. The outside air temp is 0.2F and the inside temp WITH the window open 79.4F.
But everything is coming along right on time with the project. Just a little funny with all the computers and fans making my office sound like a jet engine.

more photo update

I just updated my photo page with a bunch of new images. I still have to work on the description.
Here is one of the images from the New Years Eve winter storm.
And this one from an aurora a couple months ago.