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7/12/2015 Central Minnesota Tornado & Lightning B-Roll.

Today was one of those great chase days where everything line's up and falls into place.  Upon seeing the first storm fire and a lot of people get what I will call "Suckered" into chasing them up past Fergus Falls in the hills and trees when the second storm I was targeting near Wheaton, MN fired up.  I talked to Amanda and Nick who were already in place up there for the cell that was firing and I just hanged back to cover the south side in case the southern cells on the South Dakota boarder fired up.

6/29/2015 Twin Cities Rush Hour Hail Storm and stuff

Today was one of those fun local chases where knowledge and skill was what was needed to navigate the rush hour traffic and road construction to anticipate where to be for the best or worst of the storm, depending on your perspective.  I pretty much played the north metro from Elk River / Anoka to Maple Grove and Plymouth.  I think there will be a lot of hail sales for cars in the next few weeks as a lot of people got stuck in the core on 494 in the north bound construction from  394 to the 94 split on the north side.  For the most part the hail was 3/4" to Golf Ball sized with a few larger

What a busy day, what day is it?

I think I have maybe got 4 hours of sleep in the last day and a half.  I'm saying today but in reality it is yesterday that I'm talking about in this post, excuse the really tired blogging :-)  It all started on Sunday as the Hype Train was getting going for the forecast, which is still today for me but in reality is yesterday, for the area in Southern, IL.  The hype was for the 10% hatched forecasted tornado area that SPC put out for the area which on paper looks good but doing my own forecast and from experience, looked too good to be true.

6/20/2015 Wheaton MN Lightning and storms

It has been an interesting week to say the least and it was good to wrap up and end it on a fun little chase about 100 miles to the west near Wheaton, MN.  While a lot of my crews went to chase the 5% tornado risk in Iowa, I looked at the forecast at 6am and said NOPE.  Nick called this afternoon to tell me that even he blew off Iowa and stayed in the Twin Cities.  Where there storms in Iowa?

6/9/2015 Central, MN Severe Storms

Yesterday I went on one of the many chases that "rumor" has it that I never do anymore since it was over 20 miles from home.  The target area for me was well defined days in advance and in an area that I love to chase in, western Minnesota where visibility is not a problem with trees.