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09/26/2004 Hurricane Jeanne Video Update

In Orlando Florida Tonight.  I had a VERY Successful Chase and was in Fort Pierce Beach Florida, The Same Place  For Hurricane Frances.

I shot a lot of great footage for our Hurricane Jeanne Video collection. I posted the video the was on The Weather Channel this morning but due to lack of sleep, I'll post the Hurricane Jeanne Photographs when I wake up.   Click here to review the whole Hurricane Jeanne blog.

Here is a short video from my Hurricane Jeanne chase.

Working today.

09/22/2004 Out shooting video this morning for The Weather Channel and relaxing and trying to finish up the Hurricane Charley Video.

Chasing from Minneapolis to Hurricane Ivan.

09/15/2004 Early this morning I was out shooting video for The Weather Channel for the morning show.

The rain in Minneapolis has been pretty much non-stop for the last 24 hours and parts of southern Minnesota are flooding.

So where am I right now? I'm now in Florida to chase Hurricane Ivan.

Click on the image below to see all the latest updates for my Hurricane Ivan Storm Chase.

09/14/2004 Out shooting video for The Weather Channel

09/14/2004 Out shooting video for The Weather Channel this morning of the thunderstorms that rolled through Minneapolis this morning. Getting Ready to get myself on the way down to Mobile Alabama now to go and chase Hurricane Ivan. Here is a photo that I took from my deck. It's not my best since it was with an older digital camera that sucks to work with but good enough for a blog. 

Here is the video from this storm