With the first day of spring, winter will not go away anytime soon

Today was the first day of spring and the first day I have been able to get any work done at the office after an insane weekend.

First the shooting on the north side of Saint Cloud, then the winter storm Friday night, followed by Saint Patrick's Day and one of the most vivid Aurora Borealis displays ever.  I did not get much sleep on Sunday and when I finally got to sleep, I had to wake up and go back out into the blizzard up towards Alexandria, MN. 

Here is the video I shot starting out in Alexandria, MN around 2:00 in the morning.  Then I had to go and shoot the winter storm hitting Minneapolis, MN just after sunrise and then I had to drive back up to Alexandria, MN to cover the road closed again later in the afternoon for the evening shows.  It was a pretty long day but I was able to pull off another great video shoot.