Hello World

Hello World, I'm still here.  I thought it would be fitting if I used the computer programing setup of "Hello World" to write this blog since I have been off of my site for so long. 

Well, I have been on Twitter and on my Facebook fan page but just been busy working all the video for StormChasingVideo.com and helping out with ChasersEdge.com .  Odd as it may seem, I'm actually in Kansas City, MO right now writing this blog while crashing at my friend and Kansas City stringer Robins place since I will be busy all day tomorrow with working with Brandon Clark and Chasers Edge at the Douglas County, KS weather conference.  

So let me get a run down of all the video stuff I have been shooting that I have not updated here until now. 
Starting with the latest video first and going backwards.

3/5/2013 Twin Cities Winter Storm B-Roll

The winter storm continued this morning in the Twin Cities metro area of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota with the area receiving around nine inches of snow before the storm subsided.

Clip 1 Tracking shot with snow plows coming towards the camera and pans to the right with the Minneapolis, MN skyline in the shot.
Clip 2 - 3 POV Drive by footage of a car in the ditch with crews recovering it.
Clip 4 POV footage of a Mini Van in the ditch
Clip 5 POV footage of a Mini Van in the ditch
Clip 6 POV footage of a car in the center cables
Clip 7 Car stalled on the side of the road.
Clip 8 Massive traffic jam in downtown Minneapolis, MN as the morning commute was more like the morning crawl.
Clip 9 Basilica of Saint Mary in Minneapolis (landmark shot) as viewed from the Interstate 394 west bound bridge in downtown.
Clip 10 Car that drove straight off the road into the ditch.
Clip 11 Car stuck in a snow bank after sliding off the road while trying to exit interstate 35w. The driver was able to get the car out of the snow bank on his own.
Clip 12 Minneapolis International Airport control tower in the snow.
Clip 13 Clip of the departures board inside the airport of the canceled flights to Chicago.
Clip 14 - 16 Delta aircraft being deiced.
Clip 17 Car that crashed and snow plows gang plowing and moving towards the camera.
Clip 18 - 24 POV Shots of plows gang plowing highway 77 (Cedar Avenue) from Burnsville, MN through Bloomington and into Minneapolis, MN.
Clip 25 MNDot snow plows driving towards the camera and heading south on Cedar Avenue.

3/4/2013 Minnesota Winter Storm Travel Hazard

The central part of Minnesota is under a winter storm warning until Noon tomorrow as a powerful weather system is taking am on the area with several waves of heavy snow.

Footage shows the hazardous driving conditions along Interstate 94 late this morning as the first round of snow made the roads very hazardous to drive on.

Clip 01 Skyline Shot Of Minneapolis, MN

Following clips shot near Monticello, MN
Clip 02 POV Shot of road sign warning of slick conditions.
Clip 03 SUV spins out right in front of the camera.
Clip 04 SUV being pulled out of the ditch
Clip 05 - 09 POV shots on Interstate 94 of cars smashed and in the ditch
Clip 10 Driving in heavy snow.
Clip 11 Interstate 94 was shut down for a while as crews worked to clean up the wrecks northwest of Monticello, MN.
Clip 12 Car in the ditch north of Minneapolis, MN
Clip 13 Another Minneapolis clip by mistake
Clip 14 Driving in Heavy Snow
Clip 15 More cars in the ditch to the northwest of Minneapolis, MN on Interstate 94
Clip 16 Snow plow on Interstate 94 NW of the cities.
Clip 17 Car slides off the road right in front of the camera but manages to not go into the ditch.
Clip 18 - 22 Major wreck in Plymouth, MN on Interstate 494.  Driver survived with minor injuries. 
Clip 22 - End.  Footage from Minneapolis, MN International Airport.

2/13/2013 Saint Cloud, MN Snow Storm

Another round of winter weather impacts central Minnesota this evening and over night as several inches of snow fell across the city of Saint Cloud, MN and making for very slick driving conditions for motorists.

Clip 01 Snow falling with the Saint Cloud, MN down town sign in the shot.
Clip 02 Flags blowing in the snow.
Clip 03 Snow plow along Highway 15 drives towards the camera and the camera pans to a car that is stuck in the ditch.
Clip 04 Two men try to dig out their Audi over of the snow along Highway 15.
Clip 05 A truck on interstate 94 that was pulling snow removal equipment almost crashes as it slips side to side in front of the camera at 55 mph.
Clip 06 SUV stuck in the ditch along Highway 15
Clip 07 Car stuck in the ditch along Interstate 94
Clip 08 Snow plow along highway 23
Clip 09 Snow falling over a church in Saint Joseph, MN (right next to Saint Cloud)
Clip 10 Heavy wet snow collecting on tree branches
Clip 11 Wide shot of a car being pulled out of the ditch along Interstate 94 
Clip 12 Roll by shot of another car in the center ditch on Interstate 94
Clip 13 Roll by shot of a Semi Truck that Jack Knifed on Interstate 94
Clip 14 - 18 POV Shots of snow plows on Highway 23.

2/10/2013 Stearns County, MN Winter Storm

New footage in from Central MN in Stearns County where over eight inches of snow fell and blizzard conditions are expected to blow the new snow around this morning.

Footage shot along interstate 94 of the Winter Storm from Central MN.  B-roll footage from the winter storm and blizzard that is hitting the upper Midwest shot around the Saint Cloud MN area.

Simply Outdoor Experiences Masters on Mille Lacs Fishing Derby Highlights

Highlights from the Simply Outdoor Experiences "Masters on Mille Lacs" Fishing Derby, Saturday, Jan 26, 2013.  Footage shot off shore from event is held at Dickies Liberty Beach Resort on the east side of Mille Lacs Lake. 

For more information, visit www.simplyoutdoorexperiences.com

2/1/2013 EXTREME Cold, Minneapolis, MN AM

Sub Zero Temps and Extreme Windchill's was on tap for this morning in Minneapolis, MN along the Nicollet Mall as people were walking outside to go to work.

B-Roll footage of people out in the extreme cold with temps of -10F outside.

1/26/2013 Timelapse drive across frozen Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota.

Footage shot on 1/26/2013 after an extended period of sub zero temperature made it possible to drive across Mille Lacs Lake, in central Minnesota.

The ice was about 20 to 22 inches thick but there was several pressure ridges in the middle of the lake that made it dangerous to cross the whole length of the lake once you were away from where the resort owners have tested the ice. 

The distance traveled from one side of the lake to the other is 15 miles. 

The time lapse footage is 4000 times the normal speed and makes the half hour trip only take about 90 seconds. The drive was from Liberty Beach on the east side of the lake to Twin Pines Resort on the west side. 

1/27/2013 Twin Cities Winter Storm

What started out as rain quickly turned to heavy snow around the Twin Cites metro area on Sunday afternoon. With this past week of sub-zero temperatures, the falling rain quickly froze on the ground and making for a very slick road surface before being covered up as the rain turned into snow.

Footage shot around the metro area of the Twin Cities. See shot sheet for locations for each clip.

TRT: 5;56;28

Clip 01 In Minneapolis, MN driving north on Interstate 35W with the skyline in the shot.
Clip 02 On Interstate 94 in Minneapolis, MN a SUV spins out and ends up backwards on.
Clip 03 At Broadway and Interstate 94, A Toyota 4Runner spins out right in front of the camera while trying to turn the corner.
Clip 04 - 09 Clips of a wreck on Interstate 494 in Bloomington, MN
Clip 10 - 17 Clips of Snow Plows trying to clear Interstate 35E in Dakota County.
Clip 18 Car spinning its wheels on Nicollet Avenue in Burnsville, MN.
Clip 19 Traffic and heavy snow POV shot on 494
Clip 20 POV shot of a State Trooper on the side of the road with a wrecked car on 494 on the west side of town.
Clip 21 POV shot of a car spun out and a Trooper in Minneapolis, MN on Interstate 35W
Clip 22 - 24 Vehicles trying to make it up a hill in Burnsville, MN on Nicollet, Ave.

1/22/2013 Minneapolis, MN region, it is so cold out...

With some of the coldest temperatures in several year's hitting the Minneapolis, MN region, I shoot footage today with the theme of it is so cold out??? 

Although there is a lack of overall snow cover in the Minneapolis, MN area, that did not stop the temperatures from dropping into the extreme cold for the past few days with the latest blast of arctic air that dropped south out of Canada.  With early morning a low temperature of negative twelve below zero (-12F), the current high temperature of two above (2F) at the Minneapolis International Airport does not feel much warmer due to the fact that the wind chill is currently at negative eleven (-11F) below zero.

In the video package, the footage starts out with a shot of the Spoon and Cherry at the sculpture garden in Minneapolis, MN with the downtown skyline in the background.   The next clip shows that it is so cold out that the exhaust from the car in front of the camera shows ice sickles hanging off the exhaust pipes as the exhaust vapor froze upon leaving the tail pipe.

The next clip shows the outside air temp at -3F on a bank thermometer at the time of shooting this video which was just after noon.  It was so cold out that even the boiling water in this video turns to a mini cloud when tossed into the air.

It was so cold out that ice crystals in the air created a halo around the noon sun.

Near Monticello, MN, it was so cold out that the steam from the electric power plant was creating its own mini weather system that looked like a super cell rising up into the sky.

Why was it so cold out?  I asked the staff at the National Weather Service, Twin Cities office and Meteorologist Jake Beitlich explains what was going on and why it was so cold out.

Just how cold out was it?  I asked people along Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis, MN.  Many said it was so cold out that they really did not even want to be out in this weather but had to.   Judging by the way everyone was dressed, the weather was bitter cold.  The lucky ones were those who were able to move around downtown Minneapolis in the extensive sky-way system.

Behind the scenes while working on shooting a sunset time-lapse

Some behind the scenes footage shot while shooting a time lapse sunset Sunday afternoon.

We drove out to Clearwater Lake in central Minnesota to shoot a time lapse of the setting sun while there were sun dogs on both sides of the setting sun.  The edited time lapse footage was compressed from 53 minutes to only about 15 seconds long.  So Instead of just posting the 15 second time lapse video, we posted all the stupid stuff that we did while setting up for the shoot and after the shoot while driving on the lake.


1/19/2013 North Dakota Interstate 29 Ground Blizzard

Tropical Storm force wind's caused a ground blizzard in northeast North Dakota this afternoon.

Conditions were perfect for a Ground Blizzard where at times there was blue sky above the camera but blowing snow with winds sustained at about 40 miles per hour.

Footage from north of Fargo around the Hillsboro ND area of extreme winter conditions with blowing snow causing a whiteout.

Total Run Time: 5:24

Clip 01 Sign near Fargo, ND warning of bad road conditions.
Clip 02 Near whiteout conditions north of Fargo, ND along Interstate 29 showing road signs blowing snow.
Clip 03 Footage of the Sun with the clouds racing by and then pan down the the road with the winds and snow racing by the camera.
Clip 04 Traffic along Highway 81 and Interstate 29 in the blowing snow.
Clip 05 Footage of blowing snow over the road.
Clip 06 Speed limit 55 mph sign with winds gusting to near 55 mph.
Clip 07 Road sign showing Grand Forks and Fargo directions.
Clip 08 Headlights of a parked SUV with heavy blowing snow.
Clip 09 Blowing snow with traffic in the white out conditions.
Clip 10 Traffic in the blinding and deep snow drifts.
Clip 11 Car stuck in the ditch of Interstate 29.
Clip 12 Sun came out and you can make out a car in the ditch along Interstate 29 as traffic drives by.
Clip 13 Blowing snow with tree's in the foreground.
Clip 14 Blowing snow in the air looking like a dust storm and blowing snow on the ground over the roadway.
Clip 15 Flags blowing in the wind.
Clip 16 Wide shot of flags blowing in the wind at the rest stop at mile marker 100 and Interstate 29.
Clip 17 Blowing snow with traffic driving through the shot.
Clip 18 Blowing snow over a field.
Clip 19 Blowing snow with clouds and blue sky as the sun came out in the high winds.
Clip 20 Blowing snow over a field.
Clip 21 Blowing snow while looking down a highway from the center of the road.
Clip 22 Blowing snow while looking down a highway from the center of the road with a grain elevator in the shot on the left.
Clip 23 Blowing snow from the center of the road
Clip 24 Blowing snow with blue sky above.
Clip 25 Hillsboro ND airport sign in the blowing snow.
Clip 26 Blowing snow with the setting sun.
Clip 27 POV shot of Videographer being blasted by the winds while shooting video.
Clip 28 POV driving shot in the high winds and blowing snow.
Clip 29 POV driving shot in the high winds and blowing snow.
Clip 30 POV driving shot in the high winds and blowing snow.
Clip 31 POV driving shot in the high winds and blowing snow.
Clip 32 POV driving shot in the high winds and blowing snow.
Clip 33 Blowing snow just north of Fargo as the sun was setting.
Clip 34 Blowing snow across the road.

New Years Eve Fireworks over Lake George in Saint Cloud, MN

Raw footage of the fireworks over Lake George in the heart of Saint Cloud, MN just after Midnight in the sub zero temperatures.  The camera and tripod started to freeze up in the extreme cold at midnight but the fireworks show from the middle of the frozen lake was well worth it. 

Happy New Year Everyone!

12/15/2012 Saint Cloud, MN area snow storm

B-Roll Footage of the snow storm that impacted the Central Minnesota area Saturday afternoon and evening.

Footage shows snow plows trying to keep the roads clear, snow falling in the country just north of the city and several cars in the ditch.

12/11/2012 Clearwater, MN Fire at Compass Delivery Systems

Fire Fighters from Clearwater and Monticello, MN battled a structure fire in the extreme cold temperatures on Tuesday evening as a late evening fire destroyed the building of Compass Delivery Systems at 2314 200th St E , Clearwater, MN. 

According to the staff on scene, nobody was injured in the fire but the building and almost everything in the building which included several delivery trucks and freight for clients was destroyed.

12/9/2012 Twin Cities in Minnesota is hit by Winter Storm Caesar

A powerful winter storm hit central Minnesota on Sunday causing the roads to become extremely dangerous from the icy condition.  Snow total's were from an average of eight inches around the metro to over twelve inches in the Saint Cloud, MN area. 

The video highlights the travel hazards on Sunday in the air and on the ground.  The footage was shot around the south side of the metro area from around the Minneapolis International Airport to the Burnsville and Eagan, MN area.

Clip 1 Heavy snow obscures the control tower at the Minneapolis / Saint Paul International Airport.
Clip 2 Heavy snow and the airport radar.
Clip 3 A Delta Airbus landing in the heavy snow on runway 12R
Clip 4 Wide shot of a plane flying over head and the shot pans down to the ILS lights on Runway 12L as the plane fades away into the heavy snow.
Clip 5 Delta plane taxi's on to the active runway for take off
Clip 6 & 7 Another shot of the lights on the end of the runway 12L with a plane barely visible as it is landing.
Clip 8 Shot of a car stuck in the ditch from the dash camera
Clip 9 A jeep slid off the road as was stuck at the bottom of a deep ditch on Highway 13 and the driver barely was able to climb up the steep hill to make it back onto the roadway.
Clip 10 POV drive by shot of a car in the center ditch with MN State Patrol on scene.
Clip 11 POV drive by of another car in the ditch and the police on the scene.
Clip 12 A car backwards on the side of the road covered in snow and the front end is smashed up.
Clip 13 POV drive by show of a tow truck pulling out a mini van
Clip 14 Overhead shot of traffic in Interstate 35w in Minneapolis, MN at 50th street.
Clip 15 Car spinning its wheels in Burnsville, MN on Nicollet Avenue
Clip 16 Car trying to make its way up the hill on Nicollet Avenue and slipping
Clip 17 Mini Van sliding all over the roadway trying to make it up the hill
Clip 18 Tight shot of the wheels of the Mini Van spinning
Clip 19 Burnsville Police squad car spinning its wheels
Clip 20 Snow Plow trying to clean up Nicollet Avenue so traffic can get through the area.
Clip 21 and 23 POV shot following snow plows
Clip 24 POV driving over Minnesota River Bridge in the heavy wet snow.
Clip 25 Car stuck in the ditch
Clip 26 Traffic slows down in this POV shot as a SUV spins out and gets back on the roadway.

12/7/2012 Slick road's and car crash stock video

Stock footage of slick road conditions on Old Shakopee road in Bloomington, MN.

Footage shows a car trying to enter into the roadway and then slides on the ice covered road.  The driver floors it to get out of the way of another car slides out of control and
hits a utility pole and then is rear ended by the car he was trying to avoid.  Additional footage of vehicles sliding out of control and trying to drive on the slick road.

News footage of the Funeral Percession for Officer Decker in Cold Spring, MN

12/5/2012 Raw news footage from Cold Spring, MN of the funeral procession for 31-year old officer Tom Decker who was murdered in the line of duty last week.

Over 2300 law enforcement members from all around Minnesota, Iowa, North and South Dakota and Wisconsin along with US federal law enforcement and Canadian law enforcement showed their respect for the fallen officer as they slowly escorted the hearse carrying Officer Decker to the cemetery in Saint Nicholas, MN. The funeral procession lasted almost an hour and stretched for miles as they drove through Cold Spring, MN.

To make donation to the family, several news outlets are reporting the following information:

To donate gift cards/checks:

Checks payable to Wives Behind the Badge, Inc. In memo, state that it is a donation for Tom Decker Family. Mail to: Minneapolis Police Department, Attn: Sgt. Grant Snyder, 350 S. 5th Street, Room 108, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Memorial funds have also been setup at the following banks:

    State Bank of Cold Spring      
    PO Box 415 401 Main Street
    Cold Spring, MN 56320

    The First National Bank of Cold Spring
    301 Main Street, P.O. Box 416
    Cold Spring, MN  56320
    (320) 685-8611

     Central Minnesota Credit Union
     202 Red River Ave S
     Cold Spring, MN 56320

    Wells Fargo (All locations)

11/22/2012 Winter hits the central Minnesota

In just over 24 hour's, the temperature in Saint Cloud, MN has dropped over twenty five degrees and gone from a nice warm 56F to a current low of 21F.  To make thing's colder, the current windchill is only 4F. 

Clip 1 - 7 The video starts out with heavy snow falling over the country side in Saint Cloud, MN.
Clip 8 POV shot of a snow plow in Saint Cloud, MN
Clip 9 POV shot driving past a car in the ditch on Interstate 94
Clip 10 - 11 Red car in the ditch.
Clip 12 - 13 Cars spinning their wheels on the ice covered roads. 
Clip 14  Flags blowing in the strong winds
Clip 15 - 25 Footage shot outside of the Best Buy store in Maple Grove, MN of people camping out in the snow and trying to stay warm in tents while in line for Black Friday deals.

11/14/2012 Wheaton, MN Northern Lights

A strong geomagnetic storm is underway this morning from a pair of CME's that left the sun over the weekend and have hit the upper atmosphere of the planet.

Footage is from western Minnesota just north of the town of Wheaton, MN which was on the edge of the cloud that covered the midwest.

24P Timelapse footage shows the northern lights dancing in the sky.

10/14/2012 Leech Lake, MN Northern Lights

While the severe storms in the southern plains did not live up to the hype, a A G1-class geomagnetic storm did hit the earth Saturday and triggered the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.

The Auroras were visible in northern Minnesota over Leech Lake.

10/10/2012 Saint Cloud, MN early morning house fire raw B-roll

Raw footage at the scene of a house fire where all the occupants were reported to have escaped unharmed.
The fire was located on the 800 block of 16th Avenue South in Saint Cloud, MN.
2012 Mississippi River Drought Footage

B-Roll footage of the Mississippi River in at extremely low levels in Saint Cloud, MN.  Filmed on 10/9/2012

Footage shot from the middle of the Mississippi River on the dry river bed as extremely dry conditions in the upper Mississippi River Valley expose areas that are normally under several feet of water.

Catalog ID: 10092012_DK1
Total Run Time: 02;47;25

10/9/2012 Central Minnesota Auroras Borealis "Northern Lights"

A coronal mass ejection (CME) blew off the sun this past weekend and created a geomagnetic storm that is currently in progress as this morning as the Earth passes through the wake of a CME that arrived on yesterday, October 8th.

This time-lapse video was shot in Central Minnesota just northeast of Saint Cloud, MN,  where the high clouds were no match for the bright Northern Lights.

Yes, can you tell I have been busy?  I'll try and get the next few weeks up stuff updated a lot sooner than in six months from now.