Rebuild eh? just burn it down and start over

So, its been a while since I have updated this page.  Been busy and the architect of this page is so out dated from what the vision was to be that I'm working on a major overhaul and archive of this site before I launch the new site that will focus more on the photography and video work, not the story and blogs so much. 

So what is up?  I love it when people say I don't chase anymore...  I just don't chase garbage storms.  Here is a still image from the video of me after I drove through the eastern right front quadrant of the near Category Five Hurricane Michael from Mexico Beach, FL as the storm surge was coming in and the winds were raging.

Here is the image that I'm calling Stadium Of The Gods. 

Like I said the setup of this page sucks, I can't even embed Youtube videos so I will be burning it down and starting over. 

Here is a quick video recap of what I saw during the storm.

Here is a quick recap of the damage I saw while the storm was still raging but the storm surge had gone down enough to get back into Mexico Beach.