Too much happens in a day...

The website infrastructure has been overhauled and now the core of everything here is up and running smoothly for my personal blog.  The only problem I have now is that "Too Much Happens In A Day" 

With all the side projects that I have agreed to help out with oer the last year or so from wedding videos, charity videos and just helping friends out, I have not had time for myself and barely had enough time for my business so the blog or I will like to call it going forward, "My Journal" had suffered immensely.  

Today, or was it yesterday, I can not recall since I have yet to sleep, but sine I'm still awake, I will say it is today even though it happened technically yesterday since it is five in the morning, was pretty insane.  A good friend of mine and one of the crew got some amazing footage but I also had flashbacks to 5/31/2013 or "El Reno" when I lost a couple of friends.   Verne got caught up in the storm and drove down the wrong road and got hit by the tornado. 

Many times while storm chasing, we depend on technology to help us with mapping and location in relation to the storm.  What happens when the road that is on the map is no longer there?  Today Verne had that problem.  The road that was suppose to be an escape route turned into what he said was a "Two Mile Driveway" that when he got to the house at the end, there was no where left to go?

Here is the footage he shot.  It is pretty insane. 

Now this was not the only video we had from today.  If you go to you will see we had some great footage from Ben McMillan who was live streaming most of the day.  Brandon Ivey got some crazy aftermath of flooding in Wyoming. Justin King had some great storm damage footage from just south of Loveland. Eric Treece and Brian Barnes were on the same storm as Verne.   So Yes, Too Much Happens In A Day, but I fit it all in somehow.

Now the question is how to fall asleep and get up early enough to be ready for todays or do I call it "Tomorrows Storms?" Not sure how but maybe a couple of shots of Tequila could help but I doubt it. Time to lay my head down next to Charley (aka Happy Cat) and let the purring from him help me start to mellow out and get a few hours of sleep before hitting the news desk again.