Tropical Storm, Hurricane Irene chase forecasts and plans.

I know I have been slacking with updating my personal blog.  With Twitter feeds, facebook fan pages and stuff for BNVN, and personal stuff, I have not had time to update this page.

So what is new with me?  Moved myself into a new office space so I can focus on work and I have been working like crazy over the last week on getting caught up with projects that are way overdue. 

Right now I'm working on getting a ton of stock footage updated and the new tropical storm system named Irene.  I've been up most of the night watching the radar from San Juan, PR where Tropical Storm Irene made landfall during the overnight and now the center is back over open water to the north of the island. 


Right now I'm pouring over all the forecast data and historical data from past storms to see what the possible forecast for Irene will be.  One possible forecast might be that this could end up as a fish storm and curve back out to sea.