Waiting for Hurricane Irene on the east side of the forecast track in Rhode Island.

Brian and I made it into Boston, MA late last night and we had no problems getting setup with a rental and supplies for the chase.  We are looking for a few things and when we went into a Walmart store, you would have thought it was Katrina Looting with how bare the shelves were.  But it was not looting, it was just all the people stocking up on dry goods and canned goods for supplies for the hurricane.

I had to take that photo with my Droid x2 since cameras and news crews are not allowed in Walmart.

Right now, the eye of Hurricane Irene is just to the south of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  The forecast track is for the worst of Irene to pass off shore to the east of the islands and now track to the northeast and pretty much up to our location.

We are setup for today with our hotel in Warwick, RI which is 70 miles east of the center of the latest forecast track for Hurricane Irene.  

If the hurricane track shifts east like I think it will do later today, we will be in perfect position for a direct land fall impact on this area by a Cat 1 hurricane.   If the track moves further east, we still have a lot of ground to our east before the Atlantic coast along the Cape Cod area.

I will update my blog when I can over the next few days.  Time to get a few hours of sleep.