What an insane past 35 days...

Yes, I have not updated my blog in a month.  I don't know where to really begin so I will start with what is happening right now.  I'm sitting at the 58 Club in Champlin, MN waiting for my Juicy Lucy to cool down while sipping on a Pale Ale for a late dinner. 

The proper way to eat a Juicy Lucy is to eat the fries first and to let the burger cool down.  If you don't, you will end up with cheese running down the front of your shirt. 

Ok enough about my dinner, this is not a Facebook or Twitter update.  I'm not going to talk about the recent tragedy in Oklahoma with my friends.  It is personal and hits too close to home for me.  This blog is about me and what I have been doing and since I have not updated my blog in over 30 days, lets take a look back over the last month.

On April 30th, after spending the morning at the gym, I drove home and saw smoke on the horizon.  Even after the extreme winter, the area was still recovering from the drought last year.  The grass from last summer and fall was extremely dry along Interstate 94 and finally caught fire.  The smoke was so thick that it caused travel to become to dangerous for travel. 

4/30/2013 Saint Cloud, MN I94 WildFire

Footage was shot from the county road 136 bridge or Oak Grove Road SW, over Interstate 94 as the high winds and dry grass made the fire expand quickly along the east bound lanes of Interstate 94 towards the county road 75 exit ramp.

Just when I thought I was done with the winter weather and could transition into spring time chasing, old man winter had one last storm to hit me with.  I ended up heading down south, yes south, to cover the winter storm.

5/1/2013 Twin Cities South Metro Snow B-Roll

I spent the evening and overnight documenting the historic winter storm that hit the state. 
5/1/2013 Owatonna, MN Winter Storm

While Southern Minnesota was still digging out of the major snow storm, back home in Saint Cloud, the weather was almost picture perfect.  But the people driving recklessly in the construction zone on Interstate 94, that is always happening. 
5/3/2013 Major crash shuts down Interstate 94 south of Saint Cloud, MN

With the very slow start to the chase season, I had some time to play around with my Aurora projects.  I made it up to Northern Minnesota to document the Auroras over a yet still frozen lake.

5/7/2013 Northern Lights over Leech Lake

Now the storm chasing season was heating up down south and I have been getting stuck at the office.  I did manage to make it out for the historic ice out event on Lake Milacs.
5/11/2013 Mille Lacs Lake Glacial Ice Aftermath

This was about the time that the severe weather started to go crazy.  From the middle of the month of May until today, it has been non stop work for me in the office with my expert crews out in the field chasing.  I could not be prouder of the team of freelance professional videographers that I have put together.  Between the live streaming setup and the news packages from everyone in the field, I was working at the office every day for the last three weeks.  Even my planned chase vacation was put on hold due to the need for me to be in the office. 

Things have finally started to calm down but not by choice.  The last of the severe weather finalized last Friday with the tornado outbreak in Oklahoma. 

On Friday night, after all the tornado footage had come in and I was busy working everything, we were treated to a unexpected show.  The auroras filled the sky over central Minnesota. 

6/1/2013 Collegeville, MN Aurora Borealis Northern Lights

The strange thing was there was no CME, no source for the auroras, it was a strange rare but beautful aurora event that nobody knew the source of.  Saturday night, we learned the fate of my friends.  I would just like to think that this was their way to say goodbye since they knew I loved watching the auroras just as much as storm chasing the severe weather.

Well, the burger was great, but they are always the best at the 58 Club.  Time to make my way back home to Saint Cloud.