Wrapping up the blizzard chase in Wall, SD.

Wow, yes I am really posting a blog and updating the site.  I am just finishing up the chase in Wall, SD for the Winter Storm and Blizzard.  Weather Channel is calling this Winter Storm Atlas and it is living up to it's name as putting Winter Storm Season 2013-2014 on the map. 

I did laugh my ass off at the hype over Tropical Storm Karen and the forecast computer models verified the weakening of the system.  The real story was the storm system the caused the tornadoic storms in Nebraska and Iowa yesterday and the major Blizzard that hit Wyoming and South Dakota.  

This storm system has dumped an insane amount of moisture on the area in the last 48 hour's with heavy wet snow but the upper midwest need's the moisture. 

This morning I got up to a dark hotel room as the power was out.  The power got knocked out late last night and it did not come back on until late this morning.  The road's are pretty much screwed until Sunday morning when South Dakota Department of Transportation workers told me that they plan on opening the roads after sunrise. 

The area has insane huge snow drifts all over the place. Some of the drifts are over 15 feet on the main roads. 

Here is the footage I shot this morning.  I tried to get out of the parking lot, nope, not happening.

Here is the shot sheet for the video:
The powerful winter storm system was continuing to slam into Central South Dakota and the town of Wall, SD.

Footage shot this morning at the height of the blizzard with wind gusts up to 59 miles per hour and blinding snow, conditions on the roads were impassible.

Clip 1 Dash camera footage trying to drive out of the hotel parking lot and was stopped by a three foot high snow drift.
Clip 2 Standing in front of a eight foot high snow drift.
Clip 3 Major snow drifts covering the cars in the hotel parking lot.
Clip 4 American Flag blowing in the 50 mph winds.
Clip 5 Someone out walking in the blizzard
Clip 6 - 7 Semi Trucks parked and waiting out the weather.
Clip 8 - 9 Someone checking on the trucks and walking in the blizzard.
Clip 10 - 11 Blowing snow blowing over a massive snow drift.
Clip 12 The road to Interstate 90 totally covered by 6-12 feet of snow.
Clip 13 Standing on top of a snow drift looking under the overpass with massive snow drifts blocking the road.
Clip 14 Westbound entrance to Interstate 90 closed off.
Clip 15 Store closed down and cut off due to the snow drifts.
Clip 16 Someone out walking with massive snow drifts in the foreground.
Clip 17 The only way to get around is to walk to the only store that was open. Exxon opened up so stranded travelers could buy food and survival supplies.
Clip 18 Stop sign covered in snow and ice.
Clip 19 High winds during the over night blew this sign over.
Clip 20 Someone did not check the forecast and was stranded when they could not ride their motorcycle home.

Just as fast as the wind was blowing, the storm moved on our of the area.  The aftermath of the massive amount of snow is pretty impressive. 

Below is the shot sheet for the aftermath footage.
After the powerful blizzard moved out of the area, the cleanup of the massive snow drifts and impassible roads has begun.

Staff from the South Dakota, DOT said that Interstate 90 would not be open until Sunday morning as the blowing and drifting has created a nightmare situation throughout the region.

Footage shows the cleanup on the south side of Wall, South Dakota after the winds died down. The roads are still impassible for the most part as major snow drifts are blocking every roadway.

Clip 01 Tight shot of a South Dakota DOT logo on the side of a front end loader then pans and pulls back as the front end loader pulls away.
Clip 02 V Plow tries to make it through a massive snow drift to clear the roadway.
Clip 03 After another attempt, the V-Plow is able to blast through the massive snow drift blocking the roadway.
Clip 04 Shot from the I-90 overpass, the V-Plow drives under the overpass to try and clear the snow drifts.
Clip 05 Massive snow drifts under Interstate 90 after the storm
Clip 06 Interstate 90 entrance shut down
Clip 07 Shot from up on interstate 90 looking towards the east as the roadway is totally void of any traffic.
Clip 08 Looking north into town from the Interstate, people were starting to come out to check out the aftermath of the storm.
Clip 09 Looking east on the interstate showing the snow covered roadway.
Clip 10 Looking down from the interstate as people walk on the now cleared path through massive snow drifts.
Clip 11 - 12 South Dakota DOT crews work to start clearing Interstate 90 for traffic.
Clip 13 Massive snow drifts in the hotel parking lots
Clip 14 - 15 People starting to dig out from the blizzard
Clip 16 - 17 SD DOT crews working to clear snow from the Interstate entrance and exit ramps.
Clip 18 - 19 SD DOT crews lowering the gate to close Interstate 90 after clearing off the ramp. The roads are still ice covered and too dangerous to drive on.
Clip 20 - 22 SD DOT crews blowing the streets to try and open them up for traffic tomorrow.
Clip 23 Crews clearing out the massive amount of snow in the hotel parking lot.

Finally using my Smugmug account that I'm paying for and uploaded some photos from today. http://weatherpaparazzi.smugmug.com/Weather/Winter/1052013-Wall-South-Dakota/32322921_vKbHzf