Update on stuff.

I know I should update the blog more often but I have been busy working on stuff and have not had time to post any updates. 

First off, I got word that the show is coming along great and all the post production is almost completed.  There is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes word is that it's all good. 

It's freaking hot out here.

Just a quick update while I'm wrapping things up before I head home.  In LA for business and everything was hella cool.  I'll be home tomorrow and have a lot of stuff to update everyone with but it's pretty cool.  I got to hang out with the Storm Bruiser, Bill Reid yesterday and had lunch and he showed me some of the sights out there on the west side of town that were burned by the recent wild fires and how the area is pron to the wild fires with the layout of everything.  I also got lots of cool photos overlooking the ocean and made it down to the beach for a few minutes so yes Neva, I mad

In LA this week.

LA skyline at night.

I'm updating the blog from LA.  Here is a photo I took up along one of the hills over looking the city.  I didn't have my tripod with me for my still camera so this is a point and shoot at night photograph. 

Hate Speech

Oh you just got to love some of the a-holes out their during the political season.  The party that is suppose to unite is the party that is behind the mortage melt down and is in my opinion, almost so left their between Nazi and Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin.  That's right, your everyday Tax and take YOUR MONEY to buy votes, I mean help those in need because you don't need the money right?  

Week in review

Wow, a week has flown by and it seems like only a couple of days.  Not much to report about this week for doing anything really interesting except for on Saturday Night with Neva.   This week was just reviewing footage catalogs, working on footage workflow with the P2 Editing setup at home and at Conus and just working on clearing out a ton of projects off my white boards.  To top it off, Neva's back has been really hurting here and I took her to the Dr. this week to how bad she messed up her back at work.