mad crazy editing.

As the project comes down to the wire, I'm doing some mad crazy editing to get it finished up by Tuesday.
Tonight's project, Fit 3 hours and 49 minutes of video in to 35 minutes of space and make one hell of a story.
If anyone wants to see the project rough edits, let me know and I will send you the link. This is a limited editing proofing thing to get feedback on the project from you the viewer.
You must have high speed internet since this is over a gig in stuff to download.

SDS vs SDDS and get real people, GFS, GUESS Forecast Service.

Ok a lot of people in storm chasing have been bitching about SDS or Storm Deprivation Syndrome... Sorry, I don't have SDS, and far from it. Winter is a time to work on other projects and get stuff in order for the next chase season so you don't go crazy waiting for the next storm. I have just spent several hundred hours editing video, researching video, researching storm data, researching radar data and working my ass off doing voice overs that after 1500 takes, my voice sounds like shit.

project rolling fast now

Now that the little detail items such as graphics and images are wrapped up and the script is laid down in a rough draft, the new project is rolling along fast.
I can't wait to get this thing knocked out and done because when it is done, I just got my passport and I'm thinking Scuba Dive Mexico or Central America so my ass can relax where nobody can find me for a few weeks.

grrrrrr scripting sucks balls

I just wanted to take this moment to say Script Writing Sucks, but it is still kind of fun. Working on the new project and just reviewing stuff for the script and having to watch and re watch and re review stuff is just annoying.
Not that the end result wont kick ass, it is all the little details to get into place to make it kick ass that kicks your ass. It's a learning experience.

Another Fn Hard Drive...

I bought another Fn Hard Drive tonight, er, um, last night. I did not feel comfortable having the project on several drives so I edited down the best cuts and put them on a monster sized 500Gig drive.
Transferring over 400 Gigs of video is taking some time but it will be worth it. I also got most of the scripting outline done. I do have to go through the time line again this morning and right up a ton more stuff but from conception to rough draft this is coming along really fast compared to some projects I have done.