What an insane past 35 days...

Yes, I have not updated my blog in a month.  I don't know where to really begin so I will start with what is happening right now.  I'm sitting at the 58 Club in Champlin, MN waiting for my Juicy Lucy to cool down while sipping on a Pale Ale for a late dinner. 

The proper way to eat a Juicy Lucy is to eat the fries first and to let the burger cool down.  If you don't, you will end up with cheese running down the front of your shirt. 

With the first day of spring, winter will not go away anytime soon

Today was the first day of spring and the first day I have been able to get any work done at the office after an insane weekend.

First the shooting on the north side of Saint Cloud, then the winter storm Friday night, followed by Saint Patrick's Day and one of the most vivid Aurora Borealis displays ever.  I did not get much sleep on Sunday and when I finally got to sleep, I had to wake up and go back out into the blizzard up towards Alexandria, MN. 

Hello World

Hello World, I'm still here.  I thought it would be fitting if I used the computer programing setup of "Hello World" to write this blog since I have been off of my site for so long. 

New photo from today of some crazy ice fishing

I know it has been a few weeks since I have updated my personal website but I have been keeping busy with work and in the planning stages of updating and upgrading this site to make it easier for me to stay on top of the updates.

So today on my way to the office, I had the urge to go explore and look for some new locations and new material.  What I found just made me say what the heck where they thinking?  I was looking for something interesting with the sun being out and it was just before sunset with that nice golden light that all photographers love to work with. 

Wow, finally caught up!

Hey folks,

Yes I know that I have been missing on line on my personal website for month's but the webpage update that I have been talking about for what seems like year's, is finally finished. 

I have finally completed the update and upgrade to the StormChasingVideo.com webpage.  Now we have just under two thousand stock footage catalogs on line and no more worrying about clients dealing with FLV format issues.