April 2005 Blogs

4/27/2005 Out shooting video for The Weather Channel today. It is late April and I'm shooting snow video. You got to love Minnesota weather.

04/27/2005 Shooting video for The Weather Channel

4/24/2005 Doing some different video work with trying to get star timelapse video.


4/21/2005 I'm somewhere south of Lincoln Nebraska today.

March 2005 Blogs

 03/31/2005 - 04/02/2005 In Iowa at the National Weather Association Conference. Here is a photo I took outside this afternoon 04/2/2005 of a April Fools Cloud...

Funky Clouds Over Des Moines Iowa

03/30/2005 Out chasing in southern Minnesota and Iowa today. 

03/20/2005 - 03/30/2005 On Vacation taking care of stuff.

February 2005 Blogs

02/28/2005 Working on the Lightning Video Page. Had to take a break to finish the server switch. I am now operational on my very own high powered computer server backed up by high speed fiber optic lines.

02/27/2005 Out shooting video for The Weather Channel this morning. I did finish up the Hurricane Charley Video and Photography Page. The Northern Lights or Aurora Photography Page Is Back Up. Hurricane Frances Video and Photography Is Back Up. Hurricane Ivan Video And Photography Is Back Up. Hurricane Jeanne Video And Photography Is Back Up.

January 2005 Blogs

01/31/2005 Back in Minneapolis and shooting some snow video for the morning show for The Weather Channel. It's St. Paul Winter Carnival Time!   I love the St. Paul Winter Carnival!!!!!!

01/29/2005 Back in Florida

01/25/2005 Out shooting way above normal temps video for The Weather Channel.

It's freaking cold out here.

12/19/2004 Ok, for everyone that thinks my job as a freelance photojournalist for The Weather Channel is cool, no, its cold! The Temperature: -7 F, The Wind Chill - too freaking cold out side!!! Here is a screen cap from this mornings video shoot at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. The lake is still not frozen over so the above freezing water is hitting the sub zero are and creating fog.