Looking like crap on TV

09/04/2004 Its an early morning but we were doing TV interviews with Fox 29 and News 12 in Fort Pierce Florida. Time to get some sleep and have some fun in the morning with this now small Hurricane Frances which may only be a Cat 1 when it comes on shore.

Currently heading for Hurricane Frances

09/03/2004 Currently heading for Hurricane Frances that is heading for us. Here are some photos that I have taken over the last 24 hours. 11 year old Tyler Booth of Okeechobee Florida stands guard waiting for looters while his family gets ready for Hurricane Frances.

The Edge Of Frances Above And The outer rain bands below are moving into Florida.

They Deliver Oblivion...

09/02/2004  Powerful Hurricane Frances Is Moving Towards Florida. I'm Now In Orlando Florida. After a pretty sweet and fast flight on Sun Country and kicking back in seat 1A, I was able to get a good meal and some sleep. I'm going to need it. The Orlando International Airport Is A Mad House. I shot a bunch of video of the people getting out of the area due to Hurricane Frances. The gas stations are running out of fuel and the turnpikes heading north are jammed packed with people.  I will post photos and video soon...

09/01/2004 Getting ready for Hurricane Frances.

09/01/2004 Getting all the gear ready to go to Florida tomorrow to shoot lots of Hurricane Frances Footage. I'm expecting that the Hurricane Frances video is going to be just as crazy if not more then the Hurricane Charley Video. Now that I got my feet wet with Hurricane Charley and learned from some mistakes, I'm planning on having some fun shooting video during Hurricane Francis.

08/26/2004 Chasing Today.

08/26/2004 Taking a break from the editing and chasing some storms. I'm in northern Iowa and chases some ok storms in Cerro Gordo County just south of Mason City Iowa. Here are some images from the storm. Going to check out the next round of storms moving in now. Click on the image to view the full size photo.