08/07/2004 ugh

08/07/2004 Still Banging My Head Against The Wall With The New Laptop Computer Issues. I had a nice break after midnight this morning and was able shoot some lightning from home again.


So I was able to play Videographer for The Weather Channel while I was shooting the photographs.

08/06/2004 The work never stops...

08/06/2004 The work never stops... I got called by one of the producers at The Weather Channel to see how fast I could get some video out of Minneapolis. I normally get the call in the middle of the afternoon but today it was already after 4pm with a 6pm deadline and I still had to deal with major Minneapolis grid lock traffic. Yep, I pulled it off and ended up making someones day by getting a quick video clip of them getting their wedding photos taken in the Rose Garden on TV.

08/06/2004 Sun Dogs.

08/06/2004 Sun Dogs. While banging my head on the wall trying to get the new laptop setup for on the road video editing, I took a break and relaxed on one of my decks that faces to the west. The next thing I know I'm  seeing some Sun Dogs.

I thought it was kind of odd since I normally see them in the middle of winter and its the first week of August. And "NO" that is not a UFO in the photo but an airplane. I put in a zoomed in image next to the plane that shows that it is a plane.

08/04/2004 It's cold out.

08/04/2004 Another Cold Morning In Minneapolis Minnesota with temps back down in the low 60s at sunrise this morning while I was out shooting video for The Weather Channels, First Outlook morning show. Not much weather coming this way for a few days, looks like I can focus on more BNVN stuff to get that site updated.